It's All About the Polish

I'm Australian and I confess I am a total nail addict. I love everything nails. I hope you enjoy your visit.



Zoya Naturels blobbicure - I’m loving playing with this technique but it does take a loooong time to dry. 😊 #nails #nailart #zoya

Just playing around with stamping. Moyou plate pro 20 😊 #nails #nailart

And just the tops ❤️ I do love the TV show The Big Bang Theory so couldn’t wait to try out a design. I copied most of the clothing off my son’s t-shirt. Raj didn’t go quite according to plan, there’s always one isn’t there? The rest I love and hope they are recognisable, just in case my Index is Sheldon, middle finger is Howard, ring is Raj, pinkie is Leonard and my thumb is Soft Kitty. #nails #nailart #thebigbangtheory

A day behind due to blog fest so here is AN Monday nails theme - geek/nerd I had to The Big Bang Theory ❤️#nails #nailart #thebigbangtheory

Hi, just wanted to know what kind of topcoat you use? Your nails always look so perfectly shiny
allaboutpolish allaboutpolish Said:

I am a top coat hoarder and currently have 18 different brands on my work space :/. The ones I use most often are HK Girl from Glisten and Glow or Seche Vite

piCture pOlish blog/insta fest the beautiful Shy Violet 💜 #picturepolish #nails #australian

piCture pOlish with Nail Vinyls blog/insta fest 2014 Chillax and Totes with zigzag vinyls #picturepolish #nailvinyls #nails #nailart

Flowers and zigzags - Spring is in the air 💗🌷 #nails #nailart #zigzag

Asker froyoz Asks:
are you from Sydney Australia? because I need to find a good place to get my nails done for my formal and I'd love to hear some suggestions :)
allaboutpolish allaboutpolish Said:

No I’m not but maybe someone else can respond?

Asker eris27 Asks:
could you please recommend your favourite nail polish brands?
allaboutpolish allaboutpolish Said:

Zoya as a mainstream brand and Emily de Molly is one my favourite Indie brands